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22nd March 18

Welcome to St Mary's R.C. Primary School

Our chosen quote from Pope Francis for this week : Only those able to acknowledge their mistakes and ask pardon receive understanding and forgiveness from others.                     Next Sacramental Programme Meeting : Wednesday 28th February, 7 pm in School                     Friday 2nd March - School Closure : Due to the current weather conditions, School will be closed today.                      

Forever in our hearts and prayers 

 Our love, thoughts, prayers and deepest sympathy are with Ethan's family and friends.  We have many happy memories of Ethan's time with us at Saint Mary's.

Eternal rest give unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him.  May he rest in peace. Amen.


During Lent we remember the time when Jesus went into the desert to fast and pray before beginning his work for God. At St Mary's the children will be making their Lenten Promises, focussing on what behaviours we could give up and what we can do instead. 

Enjoying World Book Day

Many thanks for your support for Ethan. Thanks to your generosity, you've helped us raise over £500.

If you wish, you can donate on the Go Fund Me website - New legs for Ethan Hunt. Your prayers and well wishes have been passed on to Ethan's family.

Three Kings’ Collection

Thank you very much for all the gifts we received for the Refuge. They were very much appreciated.  Our non - uniform day to help St Mary’s parish Community Group resettle a refugee family raised £200. We ask God to bless you and reward you for your generosity and on - going support of everything we do.

Three Kings

Our three kings have been very busy. They performed the ancient Christian practice of ‘chalking the door’ with the year and the letters CMB (Christus Mansionem Benedictus: Christ bless our home). The kings and whole school blessed candles and then they presented each class with a candle for their prayer tables and for use in class worship. They have even been calling into the dining room at lunchtime. Finally they have been busy collecting items for their charity collection for people who have had to leave their homes or countries because they are no longer safe. Their final duty will be at our Three Kings’ Mass.

Three Kings’ Mass

On Monday Father Peter celebrated our Mass of the Three Kings in school.  We have been collecting items through the month of January for families, like the Holy Family,  who have had to leave their homes because they felt unsafe. We had a magnificent response. We also held our non-uniform day on Monday. The money raised is to help the parish community group resettle a refugee family in the local area. Thank you everyone for your generosity. It was lovely, as always,  to be joined by the children’s families. 


Today in school we celebrated the Feast of the Epiphany in our assembly and followed our usual tradition of choosing our own three Magi.  Eleven boys from Year 5 applied for the role. All the boys were given a scroll and three contained the  names of the Wise Men.  Our Wise Men will be busy in the month of January blessing classrooms and chalking the door; collecting for a charity and taking part in our Three Kings’ Mass at the end of the month.

New Neighbours Together Launch

It was lovely to be invited to the launch of New Neighbours Together at their new premises.  We have been connected with this project through our Harvest boxes and Christmas collection of toys and gifts.  We enjoyed meeting our MP Julie Cooper and it was interesting listening to some of the refugees who have been helped by this charity. It was a pleasure to hold the ribbon which was cut to open the launch. The golden balloons are in our chapel so we can remember to pray for all the people who need help and those who work with them.  

World Religion Week

Last week we had a very interesting, informative and enjoyable World Religion Week which complements our Catholic RE programme ‘Come and See’. We were able to welcome our special visitors: Kash, Madhu, Charles, Sadja and Nav who led some assemblies and then shared with our pupils some of the beliefs and  practices of Sikhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam and Indian drumming and dancing. Pupils also enjoyed seeing artefacts from different religions, doing some role play, trying on saris, playing Indian drums and lots of bhangra dancing. It was a fantastic week.

Caritas Days

Spring 1

The new term got off to very good beginning with our special Caritas Day.  This term our theme is ‘Solidarity and the Common Good’.  We started the day with a special assembly led by Mrs Tomlinson. She spoke about Justice and peace. We thought about Gospel Values and how they include British Values. We listened to a reading from the psalms and heard about Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela.  Every class enjoyed different activities  such as discussions, role play, researching people who are great examples, designing posters, making friendship  bracelets  and learning how to take turns and share.  We then celebrated our work by sharing it with everyone in a special assembly.

Autumn 2

This half term our focus has been ‘Family and the Community’.  We started our day with an assembly reminding us that we all need warmth, love and nurture to help us grow.  Throughout the day we worked on many activities in our classes. We focussed on how we are all different and we love and care for each other because we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. We learnt about the ways in which we are members of a community. We ended the day with a celebration assembly of our work.

Autumn 1

On Friday we had a special day to focus on the theme 'The Dignity of the Human Person'.  We celebrated the fact that not only are we unique and precious but God loves us all equally.  We worked in our classes and discussed stories, studied some Scripture passages, made talent boxes, created mosaics, shared the gifts we value for ourselves and made friendship bracelets. It was a lovely beginning to our new term.

A warm welcome to our website from all at Saint Mary’s Catholic Primary School


Our school is situated near our parish church of Saint Mary’s and serves the local Catholic community. We are a Voluntary Aided School within Salford Diocese.  We offer a safe and nurturing environment within which we value every child for their unique gifts and talents and help them to grow spiritually, academically, morally and socially.

Gospel Values and our mission statement ‘Love One Another’ underpin everything we do at Saint Mary’s.

We aim to live our school prayer everyday:

Speak with kindness every day.

Take care of others in a gentle way.

Make friends, forgive and show we care.

Always love and help and share.

Reach out to others when we can.

Yes, we are special in God’s plan.

Say ‘thank you, Lord,’ in a joyful way

For now, tomorrow and every day.


Our Mission Statement


      Saint Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School is a place where the Spirit of Christ lives.  It is a caring, inclusive school where all children are welcomed and nurtured in a union of support between school, home and parish.  Our faith permeates a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum which enables each child to reach their full potential. We celebrate the uniqueness of the individual and believe that each child is created in the image and likeness of God and has a spiritual journey to fulfil which is nourished by the teachings and practices of the Roman Catholic Church.


Our Mission Statement is ‘Love One Another’ so that our children:

  • feel valued and understand that they are part of God’s loving family
  • fulfil their potential and become the person God wants them to be
  • lead each other to Christ
  • care for, respect and appreciate others and God’s world
  • develop positive supportive relationships
  • have a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith whilst experiencing   and celebrating  God’s love through the sacraments and  meaningful worship and liturgy