St. Mary's Roman Catholic Primary School, Burnley

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29th June 17

Welcome to St Mary's R.C. Primary School

:                      Our chosen quote from Pope Francis for this week : 'Faith makes us open to the quiet presence of God at every moment of our lives, in every position and in every situation.'                     

Mass of the Sacred Heart

           On Friday afternoon Father Peter came to school to celebrate Mass in honour of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  We came together to think about how much Jesus loves everyone, and all the people we love.  It was lovely to be joined by some of our parents.

A warm welcome to our website from all at Saint Mary’s Catholic Primary School


Our school is situated near our parish church of Saint Mary’s and serves the local Catholic community. We are a Voluntary Aided School within Salford Diocese.  We offer a safe and nurturing environment within which we value every child for their unique gifts and talents and help them to grow spiritually, academically, morally and socially.

Gospel Values and our mission statement ‘Love One Another’ underpin everything we do at Saint Mary’s.

We aim to live our school prayer everyday:

Speak with kindness every day.

Take care of others in a gentle way.

Make friends, forgive and show we care.

Always love and help and share.

Reach out to others when we can.

Yes, we are special in God’s plan.

Say ‘thank you, Lord,’ in a joyful way

For now, tomorrow and every day.


Our Mission Statement


      Saint Mary’s Roman Catholic Primary School is a place where the Spirit of Christ lives.  It is a caring, inclusive school where all children are welcomed and nurtured in a union of support between school, home and parish.  Our faith permeates a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum which enables each child to reach their full potential. We celebrate the uniqueness of the individual and believe that each child is created in the image and likeness of God and has a spiritual journey to fulfil which is nourished by the teachings and practices of the Roman Catholic Church.


Our Mission Statement is ‘Love One Another’ so that our children:

  • feel valued and understand that they are part of God’s loving family
  • fulfil their potential and become the person God wants them to be
  • lead each other to Christ
  • care for, respect and appreciate others and God’s world
  • develop positive supportive relationships
  • have a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith whilst experiencing   and celebrating  God’s love through the sacraments and  meaningful worship and liturgy

Crowning of Our Lady

On Wednesday morning Father Peter celebrated Mass and the Crowning of Our Lady in school.  It was a wonderful celebration. The children brought in a huge number of bouquets which helped us to honour Mary in a very special way.  Later the flowers were shared with some of our elderly parishioners, our local elderly neighbours and the Hospice. It was lovely to be joined by so many of our parents and families.

Delivering Flowers

 After the Crowning of Our Lady, the Chaplaincy Team distributed flowers to our local elderly neighbours and to the local elderly care home.  Everyone loved the flowers and the chance to chat with our pupils.

St. Joseph's Penny

A massive thank you to each and every one of you who have helped us raise a whopping £949.74 for St. Joseph's Penny!


Walking to Jerusalem (2998 miles)

Father Peter has challenged our children to ‘walk to Jerusalem’ for Lent.  They are not physically going to walk there but through acts of kindness they will add up miles.  One act of kindness = one mile. Here are some of the acts of kindness / good deeds they can do to walk one mile:


  • Participate fully in classroom prayers each day
  • Play nicely with each other at playtime
  • Say encouraging words to someone
  • Do a random act of kindness
  • Say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ to the staff  in the dining hall
  • Help tidy up your classroom
  • Say / write some Lenten prayers
  • Join in Lenten activities at lunchtime
  • Visit an elderly neighbour or your grandparents
  • Give some money to charity
  • Share nicely
  •    Help at home – tidy your toys / bedroom, wash up

Hopefully they will reach Jerusalem before we break up.



We have done it!!

Our children have accepted the challenge and have ‘walked’ 4224 miles already. What a fantastic amount of kind deeds and words.   Well done everyone!