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Year 1

Summer Term 1




This term we are writing information posters on two famous authors, Debi Gliori and Beatrix Potter. Our narrative text for the term will be The Tales of Peter Rabbit. The children will look at some of the original stories by Beatrix Potter and use the film adaptations to write their narrative based on Peter Rabbit.



This term the children will be looking at where they live and the capital city of England. They will also be learning about the United Kingdom, the countries that make up the UK and some of it's features. They will also be learning about compass points and drawing simple maps.



The children are focusing on printing this term. They will learn and try out some printing techniques and learn about the artist Natascha Maksimovic and how she creates her artwork.



In this term’s science unit, we will be looking at plants. The children will be helping Ping and Pong (some aliens from space) to learn about plants, their features, what they need to grow and the different types of plants.

The children enjoyed a fabulous day out to Clitheroe castle to aid their learning of castles in history. The children learnt about the history of Clitheroe castle and looked at its features. The children then went on the write some fantastic information leaflets about Clitheroe castle, which also included their knowledge of castles from their history unit.

Spring Term




This term we are using the book Zog as our class text. The children will practise their reading and writing skills using this text. They will write a story using their own dragon and how they win a golden star.



In history this term, the children will be looking at castles. They will be learning about the different features of castles, who worked in a castle and why they were built. We will look at Motte and Bailey castles and their features including an exciting trip to Clitheroe Castle. The children will also learn about William the Conqueror and the Battle of Hastings.



The children will be looking at the work of Amedeo Modigliani and learning how to draw portraits. They will also try to recreate a portrait using Modigliani's style.



In this term’s science unit, we will be practising our scientific skills through a range of science experiments. The children will also plan and conduct their own experiment, record their results and evaluate what they have found.



Hello and welcome to year 1! In year 1, we are supported daily by Mrs Brown. Mrs McDade and Miss Eckersley are also in class providing 1-1 support. Miss Brooks and Coach Chris take the class on a Wednesday afternoon for ICT and PE.



Reading books will be changed at least twice a week. Please try and read with your children at home at least three times a week and sign their reading record. Phonics and reading are so important in KS1 to develop a strong foundation for learning.



There is no weekly homework in year 1 but I may send home activities to support the children’s learning. These may be story maps for them to practise, phonics sounds, topic activities or some spellings.

In year 1, phonics is very important to help the children to read. There are some fun activities on and where the children can practice reading and spellings at home.



Seesaw is the online platform we use for home learning in case of isolation. The children all have an individual log in where they can view their online learning. It can be completed online or printed. It is also a nice way to share activities the children have been doing at home.



Please remember to label ALL of your children’s clothes with their names; this can be done on the clothing labels with a permanent marker pen. We encourage children to take responsibility for their belongings and I’m sure that you can appreciate that it is very difficult to identify children’s clothing if not named. 



Our P.E session is on a Wednesday afternoon. Please make sure children wear suitable PE kit to school on a Wednesday. Please can the children with pierced ears, remove their earrings before school. They will need to have pumps in school if they can not go outside for PE.


I am looking forward to meeting you all, but in the meantime, if you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mrs Tyson