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Love in Action

Through November and December 2023 we invited Mr Richard Varey and Caritas to talk to staff about Catholic Social Teaching and the Catholic Mission of our school. Caritas also worked with some of our children to develop their understanding of Caritas and how we can put our faith into action.

Following on from this training we have introduced a Caritas Love in Action Award and Certificate to pupils who have voluntarily and spontaneously decided to do things for other people - either in school or beyond.  It isn't an award we give out weekly - we keep it to mark the special things that children come up with.  Here are some examples of Love in Action at St Mary's:

Little Listeners 

We received the Love in Action Award for starting up a 'Little Listeners' Club at breaktimes and lunchtimes for children in Reception.  

"We read stories to Reception children and help them learn their sounds." 

"We have made Little Listener Certificates and we give these to children who have listened really well. We give these out in the Friday Celebration Assembly.


Kind Words

I received the Love in Action Award for writing Scriptural messages for all the children in my class - to offer words of support and motivation to others.  I did this at home in my own time.

' I wanted to do this to help people if they are having a bad day, just to support them.  I wanted to remind people that God's word can help us.'



Little Shots

We received the Love in Action Award for starting up Little Shots for Year 1 children at lunchtimes.  We take small groups of Year 1 pupils and help them develop their football skills.



Friendship Friday

We received the Love in Action Award for starting up Friendship Friday.  'We work with children from years, 2,3,4 and 5 on Friday dinnertimes.  We do colouring activities, play games and learn about friendship.  We give certificates to children who follow the school rules and show friendship to others.'

'Jesus wants us to be friends, so we want to be like Jesus and encourage others to be friends.'