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Learn and Grow Together in Christ



At St. Mary’s, we want all of our pupils to have an understanding of the past and how history will shape their future. We believe that high quality history lessons encourage critical thinking, develop chronological understanding and allow children to explore like detectives and work like historians! Children are given the opportunity to study a variety of primary and secondary sources, make predictions, build their historical knowledge and develop key history skills.

‘Big questions’ provide children with an enquiry-led approach to their learning, leading to them developing their own questions to investigate.


History is a subject which we are passionate about at St. Mary’s. Our intention for the teaching of history is to give pupils the opportunity to develop an understanding of why the world and its people are the way they are today. They begin to ask questions as they explore the diversity of human experience, past lives and societies.  We intend that by the end of their primary education, children will have a chronological understanding of British history from Stone Age to present day and are able to draw comparisons and make connections between different time periods and their own lives. Interlinked with this is the need to look at world history. The children will explore and understand the term ‘ancient civilisations’ by studying Egypt, Greece and the Romans in KS2 developing their understanding of trends over time and across concurrent civilisations.  They will look at the impact on the local area, looking at Towneley Hall, Queen’s Park, Queen’s Mill, Gawthorpe Hall  and the Leeds / Liverpool canal as well as looking at history through neighbouring local areas, for example, Clitheroe Castle and the Accrington Pals.

History in action