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Advent ideas


Advent marks the start of the Liturgical Year.

Advent is a time for preparation - to prepare our hearts to welcome Jesus into our lives at Christmas, and to remind ourselves to be ready for when he comes again.  If we aren't careful it is easy to overlook this season and only think of Christmas.  But at school we try to make the most of the Advent season to think about our lives and grow closer to God. 

Jesse Tree

Each lunchtime through Advent, we open our chapel at lunchtimes for children to take part in the Jesse Tree.  The Jesse Tree helps us to prepare our hearts to welcome Jesus by thinking about Jesus' family tree and provides us with an opportunity to learn about Jesus' ancestors and hear stories about their lives.  We can use these stories to challenge our own lives and the problems and challenges we face.  It provides us with an opportunity to reflect and think about how we can grow closer to God.

For further information about the Jesse Tree please click here

Travelling Cribs

Through Advent we send home Travelling Cribs each night to all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.  The idea behind this is to provide an opportunity for families to spend some time thinking about how they can prepare to welcome Jesus during this Advent season. 

For further information about Travelling Cribs please click here


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